How to install, use and maintain your smoke detector ?

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Check beforehand the precautions and limits of use of the detector as well as the maintenance recommendations indicated in the user manual.

The presence of dust, the immediate proximity of an artificial light source or air movements due to a convector, air conditioning or ventilation system can cause the detector to go off for no apparent reason.

Simply clean your detector regularly with the brush tip of a vacuum cleaner and, if necessary, change its location.

Below is a list of the main locations to avoid when installing the detector.

Do not install the smoke detector:

  • Within 1.5 m of lighting fixtures: ceiling lights, incandescent lamps, halogen or fluorescent lamps, etc.  

  • In a place where the detector is exposed to direct sunlight

  • In the immediate vicinity of or above heaters, windows, vents, air conditioners, fans or any other equipment that may generate airflow

  • In the immediate vicinity of a place where stray smoke could interfere with the smoke detector: chimneys, furnaces, boilers, combustion radiators, etc.

  • In a place where the humidity is less than 10% or more than 95%: bathroom, laundry room, etc.

  • In a place where the temperature is below 4°C or above 45°C

  • In a dusty or dirty place: garage, workshop, etc.

  • In a place infested with insects

  •     Outside

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