Before you can request the application of the warranty, you must obtain a NEXELEC after-sales service return number.

No warranty claim can be made without an after-sales service return number.

In order to obtain an after-sales service return number, please send us the following information for each smoke detector by e-mail only to

  • Scan or photo of proof of purchase or dated invoice
  • Reference product concerned, date of manufacture (normally indicated on the back of the detector), date of installation, date of purchase of the detector
  • Description of the defect (flashing red LED, beep, etc.).
  • Upon receipt of these elements, our services will get back to you to provide you with an after-sales service return number and the shipping address.

In accordance with the warranty conditions indicated in the user manual, the return shipping costs are at the buyer's expense.

A flat fee of 15 euros (including VAT) will be charged for the return of a detector if it is found after our tests that the detector has no defect or that it is not eligible for the conditions of application of the product warranty.